General Information

When you register, you entered amaleather.com some personal information. Your personal information is processed and stored on servers that meet high international security standards.

A mà Leather Goods is registered in the “Personal Databases Protection Program” coordinated by the Ministry of Justice of the Argentine Republic, which demonstrates and guarantees our commitment to provide you with the highest quality in the handling and protection of your personal data. .


What data do we keep?

– First name
– Last name
– E-mail
– Delivery address

Why do we save this data?

– Identify who made the purchase
– Process, validate, confirm, verify and send orders placed on the website.
– Communicate promotions, events, changes in website policy.

How to delete your data?

In the event that you want to close your account from our database and we delete all the data corresponding to it, you can do so by requesting the withdrawal of your user by writing to info@amaleather.com.